Jeric See



JERIC SEE – A Singapore hairstyling icon since 1982. With 39 years of contributions in the industry, he is a well known trendsetter and dynamic industry leader. Jeric’s journey on hair started when he was 15 years old. With his great passion in hair, he spent his time sweeping the floors and watching his aunt’s work in a busy salon every afternoon after his school. From there, he started to practice hair cutting on his classmates. Jeric has strong belief that excellence build on strong foundation. This belief pushed him to explore inspiration and learning opportunity at overseas and he took a bigger step to further his studies on hair in London. Upon his return, his everyday is packed with customers’ pre scheduled appointments. While he continued to do what he loves the most when serving his customers, he loves to seek for breakthrough one follow another to push his skills to the highest level. As a great believer in self inspire, Jeric has travelled to many fashion cities in search of new ideas to enhance his power of beautifying a person. Jeric’s hairdressing skills are further sharpen through working closely with his Japanese partners. He has unique approach to modern hair cutting. It is free flowing, soft, expressively manageable and design solely for the individual. In addition to his own roles as a well known hairstylist, Jeric is an excellent teacher and mentor to many well known hairstylists. This is one his remarkable contributions in the hairdressing industry. To ensure knowledge and skills transfer, he shared his passion, experiences, dreams and skills and groom many successful well trained hairstylists. Jeric continued to gain higher reputation for himself with good handling of celebrities hair in concerts or fashion shows.

At Jeric Salon, our guests have “beyond hair dressing services experiences”. Guests will be greeted with a calming atmosphere – invigorate by the scents of Aveda aroma – on entrance. Combining our woody flooring with our elegant and unique furniture and white milieu together with Chakra’s aroma, our guests feel extremely relax. Seated on our specially imported Takara-Belmont chair from Japan, our guests will be presented with a wide-selection of premium tea, freshly brewed coffee, coke or juices and snacks. Individually lockers will also be offered to all guests. Redefining the experience, all guests at Jeric Salon will enjoy the Jeric signature shampoo room, where lights are dimmed, comfort music piped in together with the relaxing scent or aroma oil at the same time. It allows our guests to leave the room feeling invigorated and refreshed. Jeric believes that “ladies are special”. They should be accorded with the attention and care they deserve!