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Daily routine often bring about wonderful innovations:
The active substance, a combination of fenugreek seed concentrate and micronutrients was selected by Arcon as a unique and effective hair treatment. This nutritional supplement is a milestone with regards to hair loss amongst men and women of all ages.

The product sold today, started out as a fortunate coincidence in Singen (on the Lake of Constance) in Germany.

In the summer of 1982, company founder Heinz Mai – a strong believer in naturopathy – wanted to combat a stubborn bout of bronchitis with the help of a complicated-to-prepare tea from old herbal books, where he required fenugreek seeds for his special brew.

He continued to drink his aromatic tea over the course of months and noticed that apart from his alleviated bronchitis, he was amazed to find hair around his temple region thicker and his receding hairline smaller. Even Mrs Mai and his hairdresser were shocked by the results, since he was not on any hair growth treatment!

After experiencing the phenomenon, years of international research and the exchange of views with scientists on the fenugreek plant and its seed followed.

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It was later discovered that Fenugreek seeds are enriched with B-complex vitamins, Iron, Zinc, Vitamin C and E, all essentials for healthy strong hair.

The fenugreek seed concentrate was developed under the support of renowned experts who carefully processed and made continuous research.

Finally ARCON emerged as a corporate name from the English-language “Hair Conditioner”, and the product name “Tisane” (French for “herbal tea”) is an allusion to the origin of the product and came into the marketing for the first time in 1987.

The start of a success story.

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Hairloss is due to many factors, common is hormonal changes, medications and genetic. Some cases are causes by prolong problems like oily scalp and dandruff.

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Detox, removes residues and refreshes scalp follicles area – result reduces sweating and ready to regenerate hair growth.

Stop excessive shedding. Remove scaling, dermatitis, Psoriasis. Stop burning inflamed scalp. Prevent dandruff. Cleanse the scalp from chemical build up. Strengthen existing hair and volumise fine hair.


Arcon Shampoo contains the ingredient FENUGREEK. Cultivated for centuries & used for its hair healing qualities.

The ingredients in Arcon are especially formulated to STOP EXCESSIVE HAIRLOSS. Cleanse the scalp from chemical build up. Strengthen existing hair and volumise fine fly away hair. Remove scaling & dermatitis associated with dry scalp. Calm itchy and flaky psoriasis.

As there are no chemicals in Arcon Shampoo, there is NO build up on the hair. Your hair will feel cleansed, light and volumised.

Arcon Item 10Arcon Item 10Similar test result done in Singapore on Alopecia cases and proven

Test 1 - Before
Test 1 – Before

Test 2 - After Result
Test 2 – After Result


Arcon Hair Shampoo


Hair shampoo with fenugreek seed concentrate, grain protein and provitamin B5: For the soap-free cleansing and care of your hair.

Fenugreek has been cultivated in India, the Middle East and Egypt for centuries, and it is highly valued for its wide variety of salubrious characteristics. Since time immemorial it been externally utilised for strengthening and invigoration of the hair. Arcon utilises a patented fenugreek seed concentrate for strengthening the hair and scalp. Amongst other things, the seed contains substances which can stimulate the scalp’s blood flow.

Grain protein is a natural plant protein with a “hair-repair effect”. It increases the moisture content of the hair and the scalp. Grain protein improves the hair structure and lends the hair its shine.

Calcium pantothenate (provitamin B5) is also a natural moisturiser with strong care character for skin and hair.


Arcon Hair Tincture


Hair tincture with fenugreek seed concentrate and supportive, caring constituents: For stimulation of the scalp’s natural function. Arcon utilises a patented fenugreek seed concentrate for strengthening the hair and scalp. Amongst other things, the seed contains substances which can stimulate the scalp’s blood flow. The tincture’s other coordinated constituents complement each other and thus enhance the active characteristics.

Application: Apply the fenugreek hair tincture daily with the pipette exactly on the scalp. The desired area should be sufficiently moistened with the tincture. Now massage the tincture into the scalp with your fingertips by using light, circular movements. While doing so, make sure that your fingertips remain as much as possible on one spot and only slightly touch the scalp. Under no circumstances should you rub your fingertips over the scalp.


Arcon Tisane


They are nutritional supplements with fenugreek seed concentrate as well as essential hair-active vitamins from the B group.

The composition of valuable vitamins and fenugreek seed extract has been selected so that the body is supplied with important nutrients and building substances. Since the body cannot produce these vitamins itself, these must be externally supplied through ingestion of our daily nourishment. But a deficiency often ensues; many factors impede sufficient intake of essential vitamins, be it insufficient nourishment, stress or otherwise also negative environmental influence.

One capsule should be taken daily over the course of at least 4 months for an effective hair treatment.

Arcon-Tisane® Hair Vitamin Capsules are devoid of preservatives and artificial dyes.

Arcon Massage


Cleanse your scalp and strengthen your hair with our 3 step service

Pricelist S$
15 minutes $50


Discover our treatment which acts as a detox for the scalp, a professional in-salon service that is designed to regenerate and revitalize your follicles. Our 3 step service will help to clear any blockages and excess oil clogging up your follicles caused by product or environmental factors to ensure stronger hair growth and a less irritated scalp.

STEP 1. Treatment begins with Fenegreek based extract Shampoo that cleanses hair and scalp. Can be use as routine for 2 weeks to see result for a healthy and bouncy roots, creating body and roots tightening.

STEP 2. Aloe Vera based liquid peeling, scrub and remove excess oil help regenerate and revitalize your scalp’s skin through exfoliation for deeper detox.

STEP 3. Uses of Arcon Tinture formulation give you thicker and fuller looking hair. Continue the application twice a day, give best result and quick recovery.